About Us

Naluchi Global Technologies

NALUCHI GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES is an indigenous firm incorporated under the companies and allied matters act of 1990 in 2011 to undertake any form of Information & Communication Technology related Projects.

Our Mission

Geared to focus our creativity and innovation in delivering the highest quality of Customer Services with a sense of warmth, friendliness, commitment and company spirit while making Information Technology relevant and affordable. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an innovative and creative IT-based solutions sprovider that is relevant to the public and private sectors respectively.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that our clients achieve 100% satisfaction in the services we rendered by deploying our vast technical skills and knowledge.


The quality of our solutions cannot be compromised. We take pride in our project delivery methodology because quality assurance is our destination.

“We are what we do”

What We Stand For

The strong block letters shows our strength and confidence as a company. We are capable, strong willed and focused.

The Connected node are stretched across the blue circle which symbolizes the world (Earth), and it depicts the reach of our company, its products and services. The boarders around the “N” symbol illustrates the impact we leave not just with our clients, but with the world itself.

Naluchi Global Technologies Limited is a company with its hands in a lot of businesses and service areas, but our focus is on ICT and how it can improve efficiency in businesses and the society. The Naluchi Global Technologies Limited brand is developed around the above idea. Each hollowed circle is a node linked to another node, spelling the letter “N” which stands for Naluchi.

Service with a Smile

Our Partners Believe We Can Do It!

Naluchi Global boasts of other partners and professionals with an average of over 10 years combined industry and service delivery experience. Apart from these arrays of Engineers, Technicians and business support staff, the company also enjoys the resources pool of our “technical partners” which are quickly brought to bear on any project, in the most required optimal level. These partners totally believe in our us!