Software Engineering

Our software design, development and deployment cover web applications, websites design and hosting using cutting edge tools and technologies.

CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT: Naluchi Global Implementation team specializes in the design of best modules & enhancements software products tailored to client requirements. Each custom development project is specified, designed, tested, documented and deployed in accordance with best practice to ensure successful and seamless integration

Amongst our feat are a list of services we offer, they are: 

◊   NasCall  

◊   NasEp

◊   NasVTC  

◊   NasEQMS  

◊   NasGis

◊   NasHos    

◊   NasBank  

◊   NasMFB  

◊   NasBiz  

NasPharm ◊

NasLoan   ◊

NasMed   ◊

NasMobile  ◊

NasAccount  ◊

NasTime    ◊

NasHelp   ◊



NasPos ◊

NasTrack  ◊

NasPay  ◊

NasHr  ◊

NasCoc  ◊

NasDls  ◊

NasCoop  ◊

NasMe   ◊